I'm Jaxon Schriever, a freelance DP and director living in Pasadena, CA.

As a kid, I was always a tech-nerd and a tinkerer, teaching myself how to use computers and making science/DIY projects for fun. I also loved watching YouTube videos (if you asked my mom, she'd say it was an addiction).

So at 9 years old, I combined those two interests by creating a YouTube channel, where I made videos about anything that interested me (like science experiments, event coverage, or VFX tutorials). This led to the production of my first short film at age 12. And I haven't put down the camera since then.

I'm currently finishing up my degree at Art Center College of Design, directing commercials & music videos, and working as a freelance DP.

email: jaxon@jaxon.film

Camera Package

Kinefinity Terra 4K
Sigma 18-35mm
Nucleus N Wireless Focus
SmallHD 702 Lite Monitor
Shoulder Rig